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"The experience has been life-changing..."
"The experience has been life-changing and I can't thank Dr. Gjelaj enough on what she did. It's been an amazing experience because you really know that you're in great hands. They're so helpful and answered all of my questions which made me feel like I'm at home. They also made sure you're happy and feeling good. I'm just very happy with the results and through the entire process and just really excited!"

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Carl's Transformation...

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"The experience has been life-changing. My teeth were bad. I know my health was suffering a little bit from it, and with what Dr. Gjelaj did, I can't thank her enough. It's been an amazing experience."

Hear Jani's Story

"Hi, my name is Janis Ellen. I am at Trinity Dental. I first came here in November of last year.  I felt very welcome. I don't like going to the dentist, but they made me feel very safe and calm. We went through the procedure. I had 22 teeth pulled, and I would never have thought I would come out as well as I did. Now, I have my permanent teeth and I can eat and I can smile and I can have fun!  I just love the people here. They were very good to me. I wish everybody else could have the best experience like I did."

Hear Burton's Story

"I came here because I had gone to another dentist because I  had some bad teeth, and they were really stunk, and I heard about this place through Facebook. Somebody called me and I came here. I was surprised because it was a much more pleasant visit than the first place I went to. They take pretty good care of you individually. I had the bottom teeth all pulled, and a couple on the top. I am just feeling little discomfort now but it's getting better every day. Looking forward to July when this all will be taken out to get some new teeth."
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